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Pipeserv Engineering is a Greek company providing engineering and consulting services in the markets it serves. These services revolve around our core values: integration, quality and affordability. This is why we are been chosen to get involved in a number of important ventures in the Greek and international industrial markets, ranging from power plants to steel constructions.

Our company's processes is an amalgamation of integrated job techniques, utilizing modern methods of engineering and maximizing efficiency across all disciplines. We believe that by maximizing the amount of integration in the design process, the quality of our services increases, as well as our affordability. A great part of this integration lies on the integration of our design process with our client's needs. Our advanced design methods allow the client's engineers and managers to be informed about the project at any time, anywhere.

This commitment to quality is highlighted by our ISO 9001:2008 certification, which monitors the entire production process, from logistics to standards, and provides benchmarks upon which we measure, build and improve our capabilities.

Be it the simplest of revamps to full-scale refinery unit design, Pipeserv has delivered, within budget and within time, optimized, cost-effective solutions, without sacrificing safety and simple constructability.
We have achieved major engineering feats in the following businesses:

  • Energy
  • Downstream Oil & Gas
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Heavy Industries

Having been established in the sector as a reliable and performing engineering company, Pipeserv now continuously looks to expand its businesses, reach and scope to include more disciplines and more markets to better serve its clients.

Setting goals and achieving them, by improving or by simply being up to standards, is an important part of Pipeserv Engineering. In today's environment of technological excellence, high efficiency demand and the grown information society, Pipeserv aims:

  • To excel at its given tasks, both internally and externally. Provide the best services, provide the leading experts in their area, continuously train them and provide them the best environment for them to perform and deliver.
  • To be an industrial powerhouse. Allow for financial and technological stability for the society, be helpful and meaningful to people directly or indirectly affected by the operations.
  • To advance technology. Continuously strive for better and more efficient production techniques, processes, management methods and scientific resources utilization as to promote the industrial technology of tomorrow in an economic, efficient and affordable way to today's clients.