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In 2010 only, we have helped in the creation of more than 2 gigawatts of electrical power through our participation in some of the most important power plant projects of Eastern Europe. Effective exploitation of new markets and satisfying the needs of electricity consumers is of no less importance to us, as it is to you.

Energy is a key sector for our business. There is currently a considerable number of power plants all around Eastern Europe being built to Pipeserv's drawings and specifications, We are actively involved in a wide range of power plant technologies, such as:

  • Combined-Cycle Power Plants
  • Cogeneration Power Plants
  • Hydroelectric Dams
  • Urban Waste Power Plants


Helping deliver your fuel product by sea and land. This is one of our most important sectors to date. Advanced process and technological design is what we deliver to our customers. Because we know that a good product, well delivered, is the best service available.

Delivering oil and gas in large quantities, and all its related logistics, is the focus of our downstream oil & gas business area. We can undertake engineering design, analysis and consulting for the following type of projects:

  • Tank Farms
  • Cryogenic Installations
  • Pipelines
  • Onloading and Offloading Jetties
  • Truck Loadings
  • Related Interconnecting Works

One of the cornerstones of modern economy – creating the fuel and materials used to drive our society. At the same moment, a tough balance between performance, safety and environmental consciousness. We know how to deliver in such a challenging environment through our experienced engineers, consultants and designers, without missing out affordability.

One of the cornerstones of modern economy could not be missing from the portofolio of business areas of Pipeserv. Most of our employees have worked for refinery projects and are experts on the field. Through this skilled workforce, we offer services for:

  • Refinery Units
  • Refinery Interconnecting Works
  • Refinery Utilities
  • Product Transfer and Storage

It doesn’t matter if it's heavy, big, complicated or any combination of them. We have the means to tackle it. Advanced numerical simulation, proper engineering and standardization are the tools we utilize for your next groundbreaking enterprise.

Heavy Industries is the core of the industrial sector. The requirement for a large array of installations makes these type of projects very complex and the need for optimization extreme. Pipeserv can offer services for:

  • Mills
  • Minerals Processing Facilities
  • Steel Construction Buildings
  • Chimneys
  • Shipyards
  • Plastics Plants

Everyday people have extraordinary needs for their housing and job sheltering needs. Economy, high standards and green footprint are the challenges the modern engineer must face. Pipeserv offers high quality services to this market as well via an extensive network of collaborators.