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You have to ask the right question to get the right answer. We asked ourselves several questions when we formed Pipeserv, and this is because questions describe problems, and their answers are the solutions. The answers we found formed a philosophy, a process and method of workflow that has worked, evolved and delivered for half a decade.

We had to knew what the client will ask beforehand, and deliver him right away a product and service that will fulfill his needs. In an ever-chaning industrial world, a fast-tracking business environment and quality clients requesting quality business, we had to innovate. Discover how by seeing how our method works for us, our clients, and their clients as well.

How to improve quality ?

Quality means people. Quality people will produce quality jobs. Our personnel are well-qualified and experienced in their discipline, and receive constant training and information updates. By co-operating with partners, manufacturers and vendors, we keep the people that work for us and our technical experience at the bleeding edge.

How to be flexible and fast enough ?

By being ahead of troubles, rapidly explore and evolve alternative solutions and assemble them in a tidly manner. Extensive standardization tools and optimized data handling is core to how we work. Easy interaction with the client's systems and data handling are also taken into account.

How to actively involve the client more ?

By enabling him to see our progress. This is as challenging as it gets, since the manager, the financial officer and the engineer will need a totally different set of information to track and involve himself in the project's progress. The answer is: integrated software and intelligent modelling.