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Quality encompasses the whole product lifecycle. Each single part of this cycle, from conception, to design and engineering, to manufacturing and commissioning, as well as maintenance, repair and disposal, is equally important. Here at Pipeserv, our goal is to fully excel at providing products that have the maximum quality in their lifecycles.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

To adhere to our above mentioned goal, a set of process tasks must be set:

  1. Realistic and measurable goals must be set
  2. Ways and methods to achieve those goals must be explored
  3. How much we fullfill each one of these goals must be measured
  4. Indications and measurements must be used to alter the course of our methods if necessary
  5. Overall feedback and data must be processed down the right channel to set new goals.

Our ISO 9001:2008 management system, not only assists us on organizing, enforcing and optimizing these tasks. It also highlights our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. It allows our professionals, our partners and our clients, to have access and assistance to the right channels for remarks, feedback and inquiries. Improvement then comes from scalable and company-wide mechanisms which take immediate effect, quickly and efficiently providing the maximum possible quality at our services and products immediately.