We offer sustainable products and services of quality to our society with recognized standards, new technologies, high accountability while preserving good environment to our future generation.

Based on 5 pillars, our quality ecosystem focuses on providing the “right solution from day one” in order to avoid costly and unnecessary reworks.


Recognized standards

Our commitment to quality in our business practices are highlighted by our conformance to the international ISO 9001 standard. In addition, we want to uphold the highest environmental corporate standards. To this purpose, we are one of the few companies in Greece to have LEED certified our corporate premises.

New technologies

We always make sure that our company improves its sustainability through the implementation of new technologies.

We were one of the early adopters of BIM technologies. Since then, we have expanded this philosophy to include all the markets and all our services. This gives the privilege to our clients and to the end users of the facilities to be in total control of the life cycle of their projects.

High accountability

Our technical tools and expertise are the most important enablers for approaching any project in an integrated manner. Our clients benefit from this approach by cost control, engineering and construction documentation and management tools in one, single, seamlessly integrated product.

Our applications and products cover both standardized and customized solutions depending on the client and local regulations and conditions. This flexibility is achieved using a modular approach at every stage of the project, with each module using standardized design and a high-level of design integration.

Each module then can be quickly combined, expanded and customized to ensure that the end product best meets client needs.

This end product then fits perfectly with the rest of the modules, constituting the building blocks of any size and type of facility, while the scalability options keep costs down and a well traceable scheduling.