Plant architecture

Planning for the 21st century.

The architecture of a plant is one of the most complicated tasks of such an investment. Using the most widely accepted industry standards, expertise and in-house procedures, we guarantee a state-of-the-art end product for our client’s investment.

Our proactive modular design approach provides scalability and removes any design process bottlenecks, beginning from simple, granular concepts and progressively adding fine details as design progresses until project completion. Forged out of years of plant architecture experience, it is one of the most comprehensive products we offer to our clients.

Maximum emphasis is given to efficiency and client input using intelligent, accurate 3D model reviewing software, interconnected database output and interconnected cloud-based services.

Codes and standards

  • ASME A-series codes for HSE
  • ASME B-series codes for plant standardization
  • API codes for petroleum and petrochemical facilities 
  • NFPA codes for fire safety 
  • EN ISO codes for HSE and plant standardization (where applicable)
  • KKS power plant standardization code (where applicable)
  • ExxonMobil standard practices 
  • Other codes according contract requirements 


Our integrated approach combines CAD-based models and parametric 2D drawings with analytical models from FEM and structural software to rapidly create the “big picture”. The data model and intelligence interweaved in the process allow us to quickly create, review and issue critical early documentation such as equipment datasheets, basic design drawings and inquiries. This ensures a properly scheduled, just-in-time and just-in-sequence design process.