Reality capture

Cutting edge technology made affordable and accessible by our experienced technicians and designers. Ideal for facility documentation, revamps and retrofits.

 To improve the accuracy, speed and effectiveness of our design, we are now offering reality capture services using 3D laser scanning technology. This new approach creates a better ecosystem for design purposes and better highlights the opportunities for facilities upgrades. The service is simple, safe, quick and affordable, without interruptions to the operations of the facility.

Our 3D laser scanning technology comes from Faro LS, a global leader in the field, and is powered by Autodesk reality capture tools, making it fully compatible with industry standard software and very workable. This service, combined with the in-house engineering team offers new opportunities for our clients.


Documenting older or undocumented facilities used to be prohibitively time consuming and unreliable. By using 3D laser scanning technology, our expert technicians will capture every detail of the facility in minute details. Our draftsmen and engineers will then reverse-engineer and provide detailed documentation, from process documentation to as-built isometrics.

Revamps and retrofits

By capturing every detail in the field, Pipeserv cuts down on survey, engineering and design costs and speeds up manufacturing by offering maximum detail and accuracy for facilities revamps and equipment retrofits.

Augmented reality

A unique service that captures facilities or buildings and uses them for training, simulation or ehxibition.