Technological Design

Combining functionality and technology.

One of the most important parts for the facility’s end product and sustainability is proper and efficient technological design.

We provide engineering and design services for technologies such as:

  • Storage tanks
  • Heat exchangers (mechanical and thermal analysis)
  • Vessels (pressurized and unpressurized)
  • Chimneys
  • Conveyor belts
  • HVAC
  • FEA/FEM analysis
  • Silos

Our technological engineering experts have a strong background in the field of industrial design, aerospace structures and vehicle technology thus enabling them to utilize common skills and experiences to accomplish extraordinary concepts. In addition, our designers provide detail design drawings for manufacturing and erection of technological applications.

Codes and standards

We utilize the most current and widely accepted standards worldwide:

  • ASME VIII boiler and pressure vessel code
  • API 620 for low pressure storage tanks
  • API 650 for unpressurized storage tanks
  • EC8 for storage tanks
  • Other standards according to client requirements


Our range of software tools include Intergraph’s PV Elite software for pressurized and unpressurized storage tanks. Where applicable, mechanical engineering software such as Dassault SolidWorks is used, in conjunction with FEM software, such as NASTRAN. We recently introduced automated steel fabrication for structural and plate members for our technological product, where such infrastructure is available.